Scattering CJ

3 years ago we came across an article on international news websites about Hallie and and how she lost her son C.J. who committed suicide.

Moved, we asked to be part of C.J.’s journey. His mother
Hallie wanted him to go on a last trip, to places he never made it during his lifetime.
Now his ashes are scattered all across the globe.
We decided to give C.J. a more permanent home here at the Costa Vicentina, by placing his ashes in a specially designed and shaped surfboard. Thanks to our shaper, João Sousa Vieira ( Barbudas ), C.J. already took waves at Arrifana, Monte Clérigo and Amoreira with friends and supporters from all around the globe.
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C.J.’s final journey around the world is also about raising mental health awareness, spreading the “Scattering C.J.” message worldwide (like on BBC and CNN for ex.).
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The Next Step!
“Spark Media is currently in production for a new feature documentary about CJ, Hallie, his family, and all the lives his story has touched. CJ’s ashes have been scattered by nearly a thousand people in a hundred different countries. With an observational approach, we follow Hallie as she coordinates the last scattering journeys, contemplating what the Scattering CJ project has achieved and all the unexpected joy and healing his story has provided. Exploring the idiosyncrasies of grief and healing, we also follow other members of CJ’s family--his father, John, his brother, Connor.
Parallel to the family’s narrative will be the individual global pilgrimages of the final scattering participants. Through them we will show the pain, humor, empathy and bonds formed between strangers in an extraordinary community that manages, from a place of darkest despair, to embody the highest virtues of humanity. Underpinning our documentary will be the importance of suicide awareness and having honest, frank discussions about one's mental health.”
Scattering CJ - The Film Campaign

Arrifana Sunset Surf Shop and Algarvissimo are honored to be part of this and support the campaign. Be part of C.J.'s journey...

Spark Media is passionate to complete this film of CJ's journey and share with audiences worldwide. Join us in making a film that will generate a dialogue about mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and the importance of community in the face of unimaginable tragedy.

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